Core Competencies

The essential of BP development

  • Civil



    We offer all professional aspects of the civil engineering industry.




    Civil Engineering

    We manage and take responsibility for all phases of the project cycle from feasibility through design, preparation of tender documents and the supervision of all construction pertaining to civil works.

       Our projects include:

    • Agricultural engineering

    • Buildings

    • Township Development

    • Sewerage

    • Water

    • Transportation


  • Agricultural


    Several projects including chicken, fish, pig & cattle farms & irrigation systems.




    Agricultural Engineering

    Our agricultural engineering division is a complete design and supervision service, which includes specialist knowledge of:

    • Cattle farming - farm design and abattoirs
    • Sheep farming - farm design and abattoirs
    • Poultry farming - hatcheries, broiler houses and abattoirs
    • Pig farming - farm design and abattoirs



    • Ostrich farming
    • Mechanisation
    • Irrigation systems - flood, sprinkler, micro and drip systems
    • Erosion control and earth dams

  • Electrical


    We offer a complete service within the power and energy sectors.




    Electrical Engineering

    Our experience covers a wide range of professional services, including:

    • High Voltage (HV) (66-132kV) power transmission network and substation design.
    • Medium Voltage (MV) (3.3 33kV) distribution network design
    • Low Voltage (LV) (< 1kV) township reticulation network design
    • Renewable energy systems
    • Commercial building electrical, security, information and communication services.



    • Industrial automation and power supply systems.
    • Artificial lighting system for sport stadium, urban roads and freeways.
    • Project management, construction supervision, commissioning and start-ups.
    • Utility contract negotiations
    • Independent Power Producer (IPP) development.
    • Installations at hazardous locations.

  • Mechanical



    We offer a variety of specialist services to the Commercial and Industrial sector.




    Mechanical Engineering

    Our mechanical engineering division is a complete design and supervision service, which includes specialist knowledge of:

    • Piped gases and vacuum systems
    • Water treatment equipment
    • Power generation equipment
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Pump stations



    • Incinerators, sterilizers and autoclaves
    • Industrial kitchen equipment
    • Fire detection and fighting systems
    • Boilers and steam systems
    • Workshop and factory equipment
    • Material handling equipment

  • Structural



    All design & construction services in the structural engineering field.




    Structural Engineering

    The firm's understanding of the latest building technology and materials allows it to deliver to the client a product which is both cost-effective and sound.

    Our projects include:

    • Reinforced Concrete Structures

    • Structural Steel Buildings

    • Foundations

    • Bridges

    • Water retaining structures

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