Additional Services (via Associates)

  • Training

     Our training unit offers both language and technical skills training.

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    We often work in countries where English is not spoken as a first language. In addition, we often need to match our technical expertise with our counterparts in these countries.
    We have a training unit, which offers both language and technical skills training, so that we can consolidate partnerships, improve the lines of communication, and maximise the skills of all members of the project team.

  • Town & Regional Planning

    Ensuring Development in both the urban and rural areas.


    Town & Regional Planning

    Our town and regional planners through association provide the following services:

    • Planning of towns
    • Overall planning of larger regions
    • Land use plans
    • Master plans for development of larger projects.


  • Facility Management

    We deliver the professional management of urban developments.


    Facility Management

    We have developed our own skills and experience in the management of facilities and the provisions of municipal services. This includes the delivery of services to rate payers as well as logistical and financial support. Some of the services we provide and manage:

    • Effluent Treatment
    • Emergency Power and Water Supply
    • Refuse Removal
    • Site Maintenance of Equipment including plumbing, water pumps, gasand electrical systems, fire fighting equipment and air conditioning
    • Financial Services


  • Environmental Engineering

    Our services include a wide range of environmental professional studies.


    Environmental Engineering

    Engineering projects can have a major environmental impact and might require any of the following studies to minimize impacts:

    • Environmental Scoping Projects
    • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Environmental Management Plans

  • Land Surveying

    We offer the full spectrum of all land surveying services


    Land Surveying

    Modern Global Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment and conventional survey equipment are used to carry out:

    • Topographic Surveys
    • Staking of pipelines, power lines, fences, etc.
    • Setting out of Structures


  • Geohydrological Engineering 

    We offer modern scientific techniques and equipment.


    Geohydrological Engineering

    Modern scientific techniques and equipment are used to locate and develop ground water sources for human and agricultural use.

    Services include:

    • Geophysical Surveys
    • Locate Suitable Drilling Sites
    • Tender Documents for Drilling Contractors
    • Drilling Supervision
    • Yield Test for Boreholes

  • Geotechnical Engineering 

    The usual spectrum of professional surveys.


    Geotechnical Engineering

    This service is in support of those aspects of our engineering work which touch on foundation design, earthworks and the usual spectrum of geotechnical surveys.

    • Soils analysis
    • Laboratory work


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