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Consulting Engineering - Project Management

  • We are a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company which provides the full spectrum of engineering services, as well as project management services.

  • Capabilities

    Burmeister & Partners is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company, offering the full spectrum of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical services.  This includes expertise in water, power, transportation and buildings.  These are broad areas and, as a result, Burmeister & Partners has developed sub-divisions within these fields with their own teams dedicated to offering services in niche markets.

     Burmeister & Partners offers a complete suite of services within the construction industry.  In practice, our clients, when considering our services, are either interested in a one-stop solution requiring a broad range of skills under one roof, or they may be looking for a specific competency in only one area.  We have structured our company to accommodate both approaches, integrating divisions and continually updating our skills by employing staff that can offer clients relevant areas of expertise.

  • Our Vision

    To use our experience, skills and knowledge to give the best possible service we are capable of to our clients and in so doing, become a partner in realisation of our clients' goals.  Our motto is "African solutions for African problems".  This means not only understanding and having experience of local conditions, but also putting this expertise to work on behalf of the client to deliver a service and a product that is efficient, cost effective and functional. 

  • Background

    Burmeister & Partners started operating in Namibia in 1978 and has since grown to become one of the largest Namibian owned consulting engineering practices in the country.

    In addition to our core competency, we offer a range of related services which run from facility management through to environmental impact studies.  We provide these services in Southern Africa and internationally in widely differing and difficult cultural, economic and geographic environments.

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